Aviation I

Aviation I introduces students in grades 7 & 8 to the field of aviation, its history, the principles of flight, flight simulation, along with the opportunity to fly a plane with a certified flight instructor. The many career opportunities available in the aviation industry are discussed.



1st Week — Discovering Aviation and Aerodynamic Principles   Extras

What is Aviation? Who were the Wright Brothers? The WrightBrothers & experiments in flight, categories of aircraft, the structure of aircraft, the four forces of flight (weight, thrust, lift, drag), Bernoulli’s Principle.

 2nd Week — Discovering Aviation – Learning to Control Flight   Extras

Early controls – problems in flight, three axes of flight, control surfaces, weight & balance, flight instruments – the six pack.

 3rd Week — The Golden Age Of Aviation: 1920-1939   Extras

The barnstormers, air racing, flying women, exploration through aviation, spanning the world – airlines and the flying boats. 

 4th Week — NEAM Field Trip   Extras

 Field Trip to New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT

  5th Week — Flight Simulation I – Getting Acquainted   Extras

Understanding the Cessna 172, & how it works, computer simulation from a recorded flight instructor, practice straight & level, turns, climbs, and slow flight. Learn and identify the function of flight instruments on the panel. Learn to takeoff, approach, and land in your 1st solo flight. 

6th Week — Flight Simulation II – First Solo Flight   Extras

Learn to takeoff, approach, and land in your 1st solo flight. 

 7th Week — Communications & Control Tower   Extras

 Transceivers, VHF radio, using the radio, phonetic alphabet, flight radar, transponder codes.

 8th Week — Precision Engineering   Extras

With a technical high school visit, learn about manufacturing, engineering and aviation maintenance careers, and the benefits of a technical education. 

 9th Week — Precision Manufacturing   Extras

Field trip to a precision manufacturing company. 

 10th Week — Program Review

Review history, aerodynamic principles, aviation systems, engineering & manufacturing careers, educational pathways to these careers, and other important facts.

 11th Week — Final Exam


12th Week — Flight Day

Checking Weather and Winds, Adjusting Headings, ETA’s and fuel burned, Piloting Aircraft Cross Country following the plan created, debriefing the flight with other students and the CFI.