Aviation II


A High School Aviation Program Emphasizing Navigation.


Individually Scheduled Activities



Classroom Sessions


Sep 16 — Review of Aerodynamic Principles

          The Aerodynamics of Flight  

          Basic Aerodynamics – CG and Stability

          Ground School: How to read a VFR Sectional Chart | Basic Chart/Map …






Sep 23, Sep 30, & Oct 7 — Cross Country Navigation

          Private Pilot-Plotting a Course – YouTube

          Private Pilot Tutorial 15: Navigation (Part 1 of 4) – YouTube

          Measuring True Course – YouTube

          VFR Nav Log (Video 1) Determine Route and Checkpoints – YouTube (watch all eight videos)

          How to Use the Manual E6B Flight Computer

          E6B Flight Computer. Time, Speed, & Distance – MzeroA Flight Training

          Ground School: E6B Wind Correction Angles | How to calculate Ground Speed, WCA, Magnetic Heading – YouTube



Oct 14 — Rotary Wing Aircraft – Helicopters

       How a Helicopter Flies- an interactive introduction (part 1) – YouTube (view both videos)

       Helicopter Flight for Beginners



Oct 21 — STEM Engineering Careers & Aviation Physiology


Oct 28 — MA National Guard Aviation/STEM Careers/Planning for Your Future