Students agrees to meet the criteria listed below in order to participate in Flight Day:

  1. Attain a score of 85 or higher on the Final Exam.

  2. Improve school academic performance as identified in your individual student contracts. The students’ liaison teacher will be the sole judge of whether this criterion has been met.

  3. Attends at least 90% of Western Massachusetts Wright Flight classes.

  4. Follows all requirements and rules listed in the school’s student handbook.


The Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard have guidelines that outline drug policy. That policy is zero tolerance” for those who use illegal drugs. Also there are severe penalties (such as loss of pilot’s license) for those who use legal drugs such as alcohol or some medicines within twelve hours before operating a military vehicle or military or civilian aircraft.

Each student understands that the Western Massachusetts Wright Flight Program maintains the same zero tolerance, and that in order to be prepared and participate in Flight Day, you promise not to use alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs while enrolled in this program.

If you, as a student in Wright Flight, find that you have a problem in keeping this pledge, you will seek the help of your family, teachers, counselors, or friends.